Mod Audio releases MOD Desktop, free open source plug-in ecosystem

Unleashing Creativity with Total Patching Freedom

MOD Desktop is a comprehensive ecosystem that brings total patching freedom to your desktop. Designed with ease of use in mind, it allows users to effortlessly connect and manipulate plugins to create complex audio effects and instruments. This intuitive patching environment encourages experimentation and helps users to realise their unique soundscapes without limitations.

A Rich Library of Plugins

Not just feature-rich but also free of charge, MOD Desktop  promotes an inclusive approach to music production. It comes equipped with over 200 installed plugins, offering a broad spectrum of musical tools.

Key to MOD Desktop's included plugins are the AIDA-X and the NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) model loaders, the high resolution Cabinet IR and 15-second Reverb IR loaders.

Apart from effects plugins, MOD Desktop also includes multiple MIDI virtual instruments and utilities, an assortment of CV - Control Voltage - modules and a whole collection of different utilities for patching, recording, playing and more.

MIDI and CV Integration for Enhanced Musical Expression

MOD Desktop has MIDI support that allows the use of external controllers to play synths, control plugins and also sync with other tempo enabled devices.

The use of CVs extends beyond the use creation of modular synths and CVs can also be used to automate the control of other plugin parameters with LFOs and other tools.

Cross-Platform Support and an Invitation to Developers

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, MOD Desktop ensures that everyone, regardless of their operating system, can access its extensive features. Embracing the principles of FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software), MOD Audio invites interested developers to join the project, contributing to a platform that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the music production community.

Join the MOD Desktop Community

"We're delighted to present MOD Desktop, which reflects our dedication to bringing musicians and developers together," stated Gianfranco Ceccolini, CEO of MOD Audio. "Boasting unrestricted patching capabilities, an extensive array of plugins, and pioneering functionalities such as MIDI and CV integration, MOD Desktop is poised to provide an innovative and user-friendly option for audio production."

The MOD Desktop Beta is available for download now. Musicians and developers are encouraged to explore its possibilities and help shape its future by participating in its ongoing testing and development.

For questions and discussions, join the MOD Forum.