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FREE SHIPPING OVER $100 (Heavy & Oversize items > 20 KG excluded)


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Melodyne Upgrade Sale

Updates and upgrades

Everything at a glance

Bring your edition of Melodyne up to date or switch to a larger edition – making your Melodyne still more versatile and useful.

Our upgrade prices are fair, and the procedure for updating or upgrading is easy and quick: after completing your purchase you receive your new Melodyne immediately via download link and can begin work soon after.

Switch to Melodyne 5 studio

… because then you’ll get all the Melodyne functions for all instruments and all applications. View and edit as many tracks as you like in a single Melodyne window. Note-based spectral sound design.

Switch to Melodyne 5 editor

…because then, thanks to DNA Direct Note Access, you’ll be able to edit even polyphonic instruments like piano and guitar. Using all Melodyne’s tools. Vary melodies and chords; change harmonies and tempos at will.

Switch to Melodyne 5 assistant

… because then you’ll get the complete Melodyne tool kit. All you need for perfect vocal editing; optimize pitches, timing, phrasing, vibrato, dynamics, tone color. For perfectly natural intonation correction.

Switch to Melodyne 5 essential

… because then you’ll get the benefit of important Melodyne 5 technologies such as the improved weighting of pitch deviations, the separate editing of sibilants, the chord track and the chord grid