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Positioned at a height of 950mm, the 1500mm-wide top-level panel is best reserved for studio monitors and computer screens, while the deeper depth, 1500mm-wide workstation panel positioned further forward at a height of 793mm can comfortably accommodate the variety of smaller hardware devices that the modern-day musician/producer prefers to have within easy reach. Retractable keyboard trays are de rigueur is this day and age, and, again, YESK duly delivers, with an open-sided affair at a handy height of 610mm, extendable up to 300mm towards the user for further flexibility. 

Flexibility abounds further still between the top-level and workstation panels with a total of 8U rack space — split into 2x 4U — neatly integrated into the YESK frame — perfect, perhaps, for accommodating an audio interface and any outboard effects units that the user may favour.