Cherry Audio Releases Chroma Synthesizer Plug-In

Cherry Audio is excited to unveil Chroma, a groundbreaking virtual instrument that brings the legendary sounds of the 1982 Rhodes Chroma into the digital age. After a meticulous development process lasting over a year and a half, the Chroma synthesizer is now available, offering an unprecedented level of authenticity and ease of use. 

Recognizing the Chroma's iconic status and the inherent challenges of its intricate design and vast parameter set, Cherry Audio committed to creating a virtual instrument that faithfully reproduced every aspect of the original while vastly improving the UI and ease of operation. The result is a synthesizer plugin that not only captures the essence of the original Chroma but enhances the user experience with modern conveniences and an intuitive interface.



Key Features of the Cherry Audio Chroma Synthesizer:

  • Authentic Sound Reproduction: Meticulously emulated to match the original Rhodes Chroma, from its 16 polyphonic voices to its expressive velocity and aftertouch capabilities.
  • 16 Oscillators, Filters, VCAs, and LFOs, and 32 Envelope Generators: These modular elements are arranged in 16 distinct preconfigured signal paths, ranging from straightforward VCO-VCF-VCA setups to intricate configurations featuring oscillator sync, filter FM, ring modulation, and variable or serial filter paths.
  • Extensive Modulation Capabilities: All of the original Chroma’s unprecedented modulation capabilities have been precisely replicated to create a powerfully flexible modular synthesizer-like programming experience. Modulation paths are configured quickly and easily using Cherry Audio Chroma’s comprehensive modulation pop-up menus. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: Intuitive pop-up menus and real-time displays simplify the programming process, making it accessible to novices and seasoned professionals alike. 
  • Expander Module Integration: Includes the Chroma Expander, which adds an entire second Chroma synthesizer to the mix, running in layer or split modes for expanded creative possibilities.
  • Full Array of Effects: Chroma includes seven studio-quality onboard effects, including distortion, phaser, flange/chorus, delay, and reverb, as well as a global EQ and limiter.
  • Direct SysEx Import: Owners of MIDI-retrofitted Chroma or Expander hardware can directly transfer banks and individual patches to Cherry Audio Chroma via a SysEx dump. Additionally, users can easily import Chroma SysEx files through drag-and-drop, thereby bringing decades of sound design into a modern workflow.
  • 700 Extraordinary Presets: Loaded with the original 250 factory presets and enriched by an additional 450 custom presets crafted by a stellar team of sound designers — James Terris, INHALT, Michael Oakley, James Dyson, Drew Schlesinger, and Mark Wilcox. Discover 100 more phenomenal presets that blend vintage tones with a contemporary feel with the Chroma Classics Preset Pack by James Terris (sold separately).

With its launch, Cherry Audio not only aims to celebrate the legacy of the Chroma but also to make its unique sounds and capabilities accessible to a broader audience. The virtual instrument is offered at an exceptional price of only $105 AUD (list $135 AUD), making it an ideal choice for musicians and producers seeking to incorporate some of the rarest vintage synthesizer sounds into their projects.

Cherry Audio's Chroma synthesizer is available for macOS (10.13 and above) and Windows (7 or above) in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats.