Speaker Stands

Speaker stands perfect for any music studio

Speaker Stands are an essential tool to position your speakers in the right place within your listening environment. Our range of high quality speaker stands caters for loudspeakers and studio monitors of different sizes and weight. Both fixed height and height adjustable models are available. Sturdy speaker stands contribute to optimal speaker performance.

For proper music reception, a good player orspeakersis not enough for the sound to spread properly; those must be accurately positioned.

The best effect is achieved when thespeakers are at the height of the listeners' ears; for this reason, you should have ourspeaker stands. They will allow proper placement of your equipment and make the sound much better than coming fromspeakers standing on the floor or a high cabinet.

A wide range of Koala Audio products allows you to fit them into almost any interior. Thanks to the correct setting of the columns, you can use them to the maximum and enjoy the highest sound quality.