Standing Desks

Standing desks

Check out our selection of sit stand desks! Did you know that according to the research,desks thatrequire standingneed greater energy compared to desks at which you sit? An hour of work at a conventionaldesk consumes 80 kilocalories per hour, while standing is 88 kilocalories per hour! In addition, long work in a sitting position contributes to various other diseases. We understand that a lot of the tasks are easier to perform in a sitting position, but we also want to give you a chance to increase the efficiency and comfort of your work. We have noticed changes in the working environment: the replacement ofregular desks withstanding desks.

Your position has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your work.

Choose modern, comfortable, and tailored to your needssit/stand desks! If you have any questions –ask our team. Remember that Koala Audio ships all over Australia, especially for you.