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Based on 283 reviews
Love it

Solid construction, easy to put together, big enough for all my gear really happy with this desk

Great for the Orba

I love the Orba sleeve. It protects my Orba 2 from possible damage and still allows me to recharge it and access its side buttons. I’d recommend getting one if you own an Orba.

Radial Engineering Voco Loco

I’ve been using a multi fix unit for my vocals and was letting my guitar pedals go to waste. The Voco Loco was seamless to integrate and I can craft tone the way I’m used to now. Really awesome piece of gear

Fantastic replication of the original Taurus One bass synth. I owned an original and this is the closest thing to that.

Wavebone Wing 10U

Koala Audio provided excellent customer service. Great product. Well made. Can be used upright or on side. Rack screws for my audio racks were missing. Was rectified immediately.

Amazing desk! Perfectly finished and solidly built. Keyboard tray is a GODSEND!

Really impressed

Great idea, but the execution is just not musical enough

I really want to love this for my daughter. She loves playing with my Synthstrom Deluge and my Push 2 when it's plugged in and she sits in my lap.

On paper this is perfect. A tiny-hand friendly 'groovebox' that my 2yo (and myself) can fiddle with and watch the pretty lights change and hear the parameters sculpt the synth tone.

The problem is all the synth patches are decidedly in the acid and squelch realm. For the life of me I can't get a decent, lush patch. I understand the point is to let my child explore and just find and discover sounds but it all sounds so abrasive. If I zero out all the depth and LFO dials and listen to what I assume is an unmodulated, relatively clean patch it's still really atonal. There's none of the sweet subtractive sound I was expecting. Perhaps that's on me and my expectations.

There are no parameter clamps so your LFOs range from what sounds like .01hz to way up to 240hz. When these values are applied to modulation it's either unnoticeable or so full on that it mangles the sound. Yep, you need to keep the dial in the sweet spot, but clamping would solve this and keep the parameters in a much more musical range.

Speaking of modulation, by ear I often can't tell what the two mod dials are doing. That's partially on me, I need to do some manual diving, but I'm pretty experienced with synths and can usually tell the modulation in effect. And even then adjusting the depth usually doesn't do anything except make the sound even more abrasive. Sometimes it feels like it's delayed and only applies your modulation changes at the next sequence start, other times it's clearly real time.

So yeah. I love the idea of this and I'll keep it and see if I can't get any palatable sound out of it via MIDI, but as it stands I really don't think my daughter - who again, loves playing with other synths/devices when there's a decent sounding patch loaded - will be getting much use our of it.

Neutrik NE8FFX6-W CAT6A feedthrough coupler for cable extensions

Orba travel case too small

There is one “small” problem with the Artiphon Orba travel case: the Artiphon Orba does not fit in it if you have dressed your Orba in the Artiphon Orba silicone skin. Otherwise it’s fine

Product has not arrived yet.

Best purchase ever

May seem like a simple purchase, but honestly is life changing. Able to get gear to set so much quicker, able to hold so much gear and make me more efficient. 10/10 recommend.

Addendum to my previous review

Subsequent to my previous review (9th Dec 2023), I was provided with replacement units having an updated design that solved the issue of not being able to full width rack equipment in the top or bottom rack positions. As stated in my initial review, these look really good and very easy to assemble. It should be noted that there is a 1cm gap between top/bottom panels and any equipment mounted in the racks which, whilst allowing air flow into the rack for cooling, some people may not desire.

Koala 🐨 Audio

I purchased a pair of isoacoustics stand from koala 🐨 audio and found their pricing very good indeed and postage was quicker than a koala 🐨 going up a tree so I would highly recommend koala 🐨 audio with 5 stars 🌟 after all how much can a koala 🐨 bear just kidding hope you like my feedback Regards Iain Morrison

Simply unparalleled

I've been aware of Garritan CFX Grand Piano VST for some time now, but it wasn't until 2024 that I finally got my hands on it. it's quickly risen to the top of my favorites list. Its lush, dynamic sounds are simply unparalleled, and as a fan of Yamaha pianos, particularly the Yamaha Grand, I couldn't be more impressed with what Garritan has delivered.
One of the things I appreciate most about this product is its user-friendly interface. No need to spend hours tweaking settings. You can load it up and start playing right away. It's been a perfect fit for my music compositions, which span the realms of jazz and classical/ orchestral genres.
In terms of value, it's worth every penny. Garritan has truly outdone themselves with this product, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you for delivering such an exceptional instrument.

Really solid

This rack is built like a tank and was easy to put together. I’m very happy with it, and have ordered another one.

Rock N Roller Trolley R12 and R18

I’m using the trolleys to move large and small flood equipment, air blowers , dehumidifier’s, air scrubbers, mops, buckets and other unusual sized items. Today I carried 25 x metal 1800 length rectangle poles, 20 x metal 1200 length poles, boxes filled with assortment of heavy items. I used the R18, extended the length of trolley. One trip - extremely happy. Strong sturdy easy to handle and transport heavy equipment without issue. Plus, folds down to an easy size and stored in the van. The trolley is perfect and I brought a second one. If you’re looking for a trolley that doesn’t take up space, easy to use and good quality- look no further. Plus I brought accessories to hold cables, extension cords and a shelf and bag. Seriously BEST trolley ever.

Great protective gig bag. Would recommend for sure.

Amazing product. Absolutely wonderful for my AudioEngine Speakers

Love it but so confusing to put together

This desk was a pain to put together. If it wasn’t for the video then it would’ve been near impossible to make sense of the instructions. The pieces need to be marked more clearly as well. It took all day but once it was together I love it. Tip - make sure the keyboard shelf is attached on one of the higher holes so your knees don’t bang into it.


Such a sick synth, countless hours of entertainment

Neutrik NP3TT-P-R Bantam Plug (Red) Solder Tip/Ring, Crimp Sleeve

Heavy duty!

I thought I knew what boom arms were meant to be like... then this arrived. Amazing. Loving the Triad Orbit system. I also love the customer support when buying through Koala Audio. Amazing product range and incredibly helpful staff :D