Acoustic Panels

Welcome to our Acoustic Panels Collection, a specialised range of sound treatment solutions designed to enhance the acoustic characteristics of your space. Our collection showcases a variety of panels from industry-leading brands, guaranteeing optimal sound absorption, diffusion, and overall sonic improvement.

Whether you're setting up a home studio, a professional recording environment, or a dedicated listening room, acoustic treatment is a critical element. It significantly influences the accuracy of sound reproduction, creating a balanced sonic environment conducive to recording, mixing, or simply enjoying music.

Our collection includes absorption panels that minimise echo and control excessive reverberation, contributing to a cleaner and more focused sound. Also available are diffusers designed to scatter sound evenly across the room, reducing standing waves and ensuring a more balanced and natural sound.

For low-frequency control, we offer bass traps that help mitigate booming and muddiness often associated with untreated rooms. Moreover, we carry portable solutions like gobos and desktop diffusers, ideal for flexible setups or smaller spaces.

Every panel in our Acoustic Panels Collection is designed with aesthetics in mind. Available in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours, these panels not only optimise your room acoustically but also visually, ensuring your space looks as good as it sounds.

With Koala Audio, investing in acoustic treatment means investing in sonic clarity, precision, and an enhanced audio experience. Explore our Acoustic Panels Collection today and transform your room into an acoustically optimised space.