Studio Chairs

Comfortable Studio chairs for long hours of work

Our range of studio chairs were designed with the needs of the musician in mind. The adjustable arm wrests can be folded away when playing an instrument, giving you more freedom of movement when needed. When spending many hours to hone your craft, it is important you get a comfortable studio chair.

Your sitting position affects not only the efficiency of work but also the state of health. It is important to choose a suitable and ergonomicstudio chair.

Our chairs are durable and do not interfere with playing instruments. For example, the 'Wavebone Voyager' models offer a stable back support made of high-density MuscleFlex® mesh and an elbow support; the 'Wavebone Voyager II' also offers a neck support, while the 'Wavebone comet' is a lightweight and comfortable stage stool.

Please take a look at the range of these products in our shop. As you can see in Koala Studio, we care not only about the comfort of your work but also about its high efficiency.