500 Series Racks & Modules

Welcome to our 500 Series Racks & Modules Collection, a dedicated space for the compact, flexible, and powerful world of 500 series gear. This curated selection brings together top-tier modules and racks from the industry's most trusted brands, promising versatility, superb audio quality, and a customisable approach to your audio setup.

The 500 series format has revolutionised professional audio, offering a customisable, space-efficient way to build a high-end audio rack. Whether you're an audio engineer, music producer, or a home studio enthusiast, our collection provides a range of preamps, EQs, compressors, and more, all tailored to fit the 500 series standard.

Explore our variety of 500 series modules, each designed to deliver a unique sonic character and functionality. From the warmth and richness of vintage-inspired preamps to the precision and transparency of modern EQs and dynamics processors, you'll find a module to enhance every aspect of your audio signal chain.

Complementing our selection of modules are a variety of 500 series racks. These provide the power and housing necessary to create your custom audio processing chain. With varying capacities, you can start small or go big, depending on your needs and ambitions.

Our 500 Series Racks & Modules Collection not only offers high-quality audio processing options but also fosters creativity and expansion. With the flexibility to swap modules as needed, your audio processing capabilities can grow and evolve alongside your skills and needs.

Discover the power, flexibility, and superior sound of the 500 series format with our 500 Series Racks & Modules Collection at Koala Audio