New from Cherry Audio! Wurlybird 140B Electric Piano

Cherry Audio unveils Wurlybird 140B, its first sample-based electro-acoustic virtual instrument, based on a rare and enduring classic

Cherry Audio proudly announces the release of the Wurlybird 140B electronic piano, their first sample-based electro-acoustic virtual instrument. Modeled after the rare and revered 1964 Wurlitzer 140B, Wurlybird 140B promises unparalleled sound quality and authenticity for musicians and producers alike. Now available at the astonishingly affordable price of only AUD 59, this plugin makes its dynamic vibe accessible to all.

The Wurly electric piano is a staple in the annals of rock and pop music, with its rich "bark" and organic timbre gracing countless hits over the decades. Artists such as Ray Charles, Queen, and Supertramp have immortalized its sound, while contemporary musicians like Beck and Billie Eilish continue to celebrate its timeless appeal. Despite the popularity of the later and often-emulated 200 series, many dedicated Wurly enthusiasts consider the 140B the crown jewel of the family, lauded for its superior action and tone quality.

Cherry Audio's Wurlybird 140B is the culmination of meticulous sampling and expert craftsmanship. Renowned sound designer and sample programmer Mike Martin has meticulously captured every nuance of the professionally restored 140B keyboard owned by keyboardist and songwriter Tom Hammer. The result is a plugin offering an ultra-realistic response, including subtle randomization of key release and pedal sounds, precision modeling of the original preamp, and faithfully emulated vibrato/tremolo.

Wurlybird further stands apart with its gorgeously rendered interface and eight stomp-box style studio-quality effects: Tube Overdrive, Chorus, Rotator, Delay, Reverb, Seven-Band Graphic EQ, and all-new effects algorithms for the 70s Phaser and LoFi vinyl and noise. 

Wurlybird also provides over 60 fabulous and inspiring presets that span from classic to modern tones.

Cherry Audio continues its mission to provide classic sounds at the most affordable prices. At just 59 AUD, the Wurlybird 140B offers exceptional value for its high-quality features and classic tone.

Cherry Audio's Wurlybird is available for macOS (10.13 and above) and Windows (7 or above) in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats.