Pro Tools 2024.3: Supercharge Your Workflow with MIDI, Dolby Atmos, and More

AVID Pro Tools just got even better! The 2024.3 update brings powerful new MIDI tools, seamless Sibelius integration, enhanced Dolby Atmos features, and a smoother workflow.

Key Features for Producers & Studios

  • MIDI Magic: New MIDI effects plugins let you generate patterns, manipulate notes, and explore fresh sounds – a huge boost for creativity and speed.
  • Score to Session Effortlessly: Copy and paste MIDI directly between Pro Tools and Sibelius – save serious time building arrangements.
  • Dolby Atmos Power-Up: Monitor and print custom live re-renders in various formats, with full delay compensation, directly within Pro Tools.
  • Workflow Wins: Enjoy a slicker experience with detachable Melodyne & Clip Effect tabs, Pro Tools Sketch enhancements, and more.

Why Update Now

This update is about saving you time and expanding your creative possibilities:

  • Accelerate your productions: Streamline tasks and stay in the creative flow
  • Expand your sonic toolkit: Discover exciting new sounds and techniques
  • Impress with pro-level mixes: Polish your Dolby Atmos projects to perfection

Update Today, Elevate Your Music

Ready to try Pro Tools 2024.3? Update now and take your studio to the next level!

What's new in Pro Tools 2024.3 Details