Reason Studios ships Reason 13

Reason Studios is excited to announce that Reason 13, the latest version of our pioneering music making software, is now available for purchase and download.

"We are thrilled to introduce Reason 13 to the world," says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios. “Our goal with this upgrade was to improve Reason’s unique music making workflow. Whether it’s your main DAW or go-to plugin, Reason 13 adds a ton of features—all designed to get you to your sound faster.”

Key Features of Reason 13

  • Upgraded Sequencer and Interface: Enjoy a redesigned sequencer and interface that streamline your workflow. The new Edit Area, improved zooming, and enhanced workflow features make music creation faster and more intuitive than ever.
  • New Browser: All patches, samples, and loops are now easily accessible in the new Browser. Categories and tags help you quickly find what you need, making it fun to explore over 20 years of sound design along with over 1000 brand-new patches, samples, and loops.
  • Five New Rack Devices:
  • Polytone Dual-Layer Synthesizer: Inspired by classic hardware, this synth offers thick analog sounds and instantly playable patches with a unique Reason twist.
  • Ripley Space Delay combines a delay and reverb with unique sound shaping and deep modulation —it’s a delay with character
  • Three New Tool Devices: Simplify common tasks in the Rack with tools for sidechaining, stereo widening, and gain staging and panning.

Learn more about Reason 13 here