Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems

One Solution™ for Creative Support

Triad-Orbit is the smartest, fastest way to precisely position all of your creative devices—microphones, tablets, laptops, lights, cameras, monitors, mixers, speakers, musical instruments—to support inspired content creators, sound engineers, and professional musicians for peak creative performance. The ingenious iO™ quickchange coupler and a toolbox of adaptive, modular components give you infinite configurability, fewer stands, more time and space, with professional grade quality you can see and feel.

The Triad-Orbit Advantage

Whether you’re working in the confines of a studio or the chaos of a live stage, Triad-Orbit’s modular stand system makes your job easy. If your work requires you to be as efficient as possible, then you’ll love Triad-Orbit technology. Each individual component, from Orbital Mic Adapters to multi-position tripods, is noteworthy on its own, but together, they also add up to create a fully modular stand system. Swap mics, position stands, and find the sweet spot for the perfect sound, all in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s Triad-Orbit’s unique ball mounts or multi-position tripod bases, you’ll find countless ways to improve your workflow with Triad-Orbit gear.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Significantly reduce your footprint Stage space is often at a premium, whether it’s in a house of worship or small club, especially when the musicians are multi-instrumentalists. Triad-Orbit solves this problem with modular stands that, when coupled with their weight and extremely low center of gravity, allow multiple devices from a single stand, buying back valuable stage space.
  • Enhance your workflow There are 11 different types of Triad-Orbit quick-disconnect IO-Heads, letting you put virtually any device anywhere you need it without threading or unthreading the adapter, thus simplifying setup and teardown.
  • Multi-discipline focus Content is king, and the ever-growing population of content creators requires proprietary tools for their craft. With Triad-Orbit, the microphone stand being used to record music today is a lighting or camera stand tomorrow when video production begins. The ability to be whatever stand needed on-demand, coupled with the modularity of the dual-arm booms, adapters, or clamps to branch off of the stand as desired creates the ultimate user-defined, purpose-driven stand.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple or excessive stands  Triad-Orbit stands and mounts unify your workflow into a common environment that’s stable, reliable, and easily adaptable, letting you focus on creativity.

Despite being an innovator in the world of stands, Triad-Orbit ironically offers numerous options that reduce or eliminate stands altogether. These problem-solving solutions are perfect for the ever-growing number of home professionals who enjoy the luxury of working in their home studios, but don’t have the space to store unused stands that add to clutter, impede workflow, and create tripping hazards. By incorporating wall and/or ceiling mounts, you can create an adaptive, efficient environment that’s ready to accept any IO-equipped mic, camera, or light as needed with a single click. Any device at any time!

No More Threads

Triad-Orbit’s patented “IO” (input/output) quick-change technology allowed them to develop an enhanced-workflow ecosystem that lets you quickly interchange devices with different proprietary connectors (lights, cameras, mics, laptops, mixers, etc.). Before Triad-Orbit, multi-discipline content creators needed to carry a variety of stands for their music, video, and lighting gear. By broadening its focus beyond the music industry, Triad-Orbit empowered digital content creators by eliminating unnecessary proprietary stands. More recently, Triad-Orbit has been a growing presence in the educational and medical fields. 

Built by musicians for musicians, Triad-Orbit's outstanding microphone stand system solves many common problems inherent to standard mic stands, such as limited movement, poor stability, and footprint, to name a few. Today, Triad-Orbit has moved far beyond microphone stands. Their modular system has expanded to include holders for tablets and specialty media devices. They've also moved beyond stands to a variety of innovative mounting solutions.

Modular Flexibility

What started as a unique solution for instantly swapping out mic clips, Triad-Orbit's IO Quick-Change Couplers soon evolved into an amazing line of extraordinary modular components. Today, there are around a dozen IO-Heads available, from the simple 5/8-inch mic clip adapters to entire booms and specialty mounts. When you’re pressed for time and need to set up quickly or tear down in minutes, you’ll really appreciate how cool this modular system is. And since you can swap around components any way you like, you can use the same bases and attachments in all kinds of different ways, allowing you to adapt to any project and performance needs.

No More Stands

Ironically, for a company that’s famous for its unparalleled stand designs, Triad-Orbit makes it easy to ditch your stands entirely. They offer a number of innovative alternative mounting solutions that tackle tricky miking situations and help to streamline work environments. For example, their IO-C Clamp IO Quick-Change base lets you stick a microphone or any IO-Head mount to a variety of objects, from pipes to piano lids, making it easy to reach places other stands can’t. Similarly, ceiling, wall, and desktop mounts can eliminate a ton of clutter that can crowd your workspace.