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  • Pay in 4 instalments, interest-free with AfterPay
  • We Ship Australia-Wide

Custom Recording Studio Furniture

Want something unique?

If you feel that none of our products satisfies your specific need and you really want us to create one just for you, we can work with our partners

Please remember that custom work comes at a higher price considering the following factors :

  • Any product requires a qualified product designer to draw in 3D every piece of material that goes into the product, every connection between the pieces, each hole and all screws.
  • A unique machine instruction program that will tell the high precision CNC how to cut each piece, where to make holes etc.
  • The production planner has to insert a single item in his ambitious plan, which means setting up multiple machines (panel saw, CNC, edging machine) for one piece of furniture
  • The assembly team which finishes the project has to spend extra time to do this one off job
  • The packaging team has to create a single set of special boxes for this product, so that it arrives safely at the customer's place
  • The design team has to create an assembly manual for this one project, check with the assembly team whether it works, correct it and print it…

A custom project is an intense experience that tends to be challenging, sometimes hard but eventually you will experience the deep satisfaction of getting exactly what you want and need and it will serve you for many years to come. Every day you enter your workspace you will feel as you should: unique, special and creative. We will happily accompany you on this journey if you honour us with your confidence.