Australian Monitor Mic/Line WPlate XLR,RCA,3.5 WH HPM WPML-W



Audio Input Wall Panel

The WPML is an active audio input wall panel with XLR, RCA and 3.5mm input connector options. The XLR input can be selected to operate as either a microphone or line level input, the RCA and 3.5mm input are fixed to line level.

The inputs are mixed and converted to a balanced line level stereo or mono output.

Rear selector switches allow,

  • Selecting stereo or mono output mode
  • Enable/Disable 24V phantom power in microphone mode
  • Enable/Disable -6dB output attenuation

The WPML comes with two facia labels allowing installation in landscape or portrait view.

Additionally, the wall panel is compatible with HPM® VIVO™ cover plates allowing up to 13 additional colour options to be created. Simply replace the included cover plate with the alternative colour desired for a unique colour solution.

  • XLR, RCA and 3.5mm input options
  • XLR Microphone or Line level input selector
  • 24V phantom power in microphone mode (defeatable)
  • Balanced euroblock audio output
  • Stereo or mono output mode
  • -6dB attenuator setting
  • Can be used with the WP-BREAKOUT for easy powering and audio conversion
  • Also available in black. WPML-B


  • Output Channels    Stereo or Mono
  • Audio Formats    Balanced Audio    
  • Input Voltage    15-24Vdc
  • Mounting    Wall
  • Warranty    5 years
  • Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H)    156mm x 132mm x 101mm

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