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Blipblox SK2 synthesizer

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Music Discovery for up-and-coming musicians.  The all new Blipblox SK2 features a fresh color palette, signal flow diagram, labeled controls and an enhanced synthesis engine. Kids are encouraged to build on the fundamentals of synthesis to discover a new range of sounds.  Music on the go with built-in speaker and included AA batteries.


  • Find your groove with over 400 built-in melodies.
  • Vibrant LED light show and smart LED animations to help guide synthesis play.
  • Choose your soundwave from 16 unique tone generators, including wavetables.
  • Sculpt your sound with the multi-mode resonant filter.
  • Use the two envelope generators and two LFOs to add evolving and pulsating sonic texture.
  • 100+ sampled drum sounds, each with adjustable pitch, including razzmatazz.
  • Stereo multi-tap delay adds a spacey effect.


  • Add a keyboard, drum machine or DAW using 5-pin MIDI input.
  • Go loud or record with 1/4" Audio Output jack.
  • Ships with 3 AA batteries and a universal USB power adapter cable.


  • Safety certified for ages 3 and up.  
  • Durable against the hardest hits and drops.
  • Adjustable controls to limit volume and lights for sensitive users.
  • International certifications: FCC, CE, ASTM, CPSC 16, EN62115, REACH, RohS and CA Prop 65 for toys.

Customer Reviews

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Great idea, but the execution is just not musical enough

I really want to love this for my daughter. She loves playing with my Synthstrom Deluge and my Push 2 when it's plugged in and she sits in my lap.

On paper this is perfect. A tiny-hand friendly 'groovebox' that my 2yo (and myself) can fiddle with and watch the pretty lights change and hear the parameters sculpt the synth tone.

The problem is all the synth patches are decidedly in the acid and squelch realm. For the life of me I can't get a decent, lush patch. I understand the point is to let my child explore and just find and discover sounds but it all sounds so abrasive. If I zero out all the depth and LFO dials and listen to what I assume is an unmodulated, relatively clean patch it's still really atonal. There's none of the sweet subtractive sound I was expecting. Perhaps that's on me and my expectations.

There are no parameter clamps so your LFOs range from what sounds like .01hz to way up to 240hz. When these values are applied to modulation it's either unnoticeable or so full on that it mangles the sound. Yep, you need to keep the dial in the sweet spot, but clamping would solve this and keep the parameters in a much more musical range.

Speaking of modulation, by ear I often can't tell what the two mod dials are doing. That's partially on me, I need to do some manual diving, but I'm pretty experienced with synths and can usually tell the modulation in effect. And even then adjusting the depth usually doesn't do anything except make the sound even more abrasive. Sometimes it feels like it's delayed and only applies your modulation changes at the next sequence start, other times it's clearly real time.

So yeah. I love the idea of this and I'll keep it and see if I can't get any palatable sound out of it via MIDI, but as it stands I really don't think my daughter - who again, loves playing with other synths/devices when there's a decent sounding patch loaded - will be getting much use our of it.