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Canare L-4E4-4AT Star Quad Foil-Shield Cable 100m

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A 22 AWG 100% foil shielded Canare Star Quad multichannel snake cable, designed for all fixed audio installations. Each four conductor channel is completely isolated and contains Kevlar 29 for tensile pulling strength. The individual foil shield, drain wire and color coded striped PVC jacket, strip easy for quick on-site termination.


Multiple AudioLines.
Permanent Installations. 
Audio Rack Wiring. 
PA Systems. 
Foil Shield with Drain Wire. 
Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather. 
Cross Linked PE Insulation. 
Rejects EMI and RFI. 
Multiple Channels. 
Dupont® Kevlar 29 Filler.

Customer Reviews

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Bernie's Custom Cables
Great quality up-market cable

I've used many Canare cable products before and when I saw that Koala Audio had it in stock I was happy to get it from this reliable store.
L4E4-4AT is kind of specialised and up-market, this is high quality 4-channel analogue audio cable and many new systems use digital connections instead. It's also more suited to permanent installations in places like churches or auditoriums. Not cheap but you certainly get great quality for the money. And Koala Audio offered a great price. If you need it for microphones or an analogue returns loom the quality is first class and being the Star Quad type it's the best at rejecting interference and noise from power supplies, machinery and RF sources.

The difference between this and the cheap stuff is in the details. This is built to withstand being pulled through tight spaces. Cheap cable has lower quality insulation that gets damaged during soldering, the wire is less flexible and the foil shielding can break down. But this cable has the proper materials at every stage; the insulation can take the heat of soldering, the foil shield has a Mylar backing and between the cores is strong filler that stops it rubbing and withstands high pulling force. You pay for those details but they make it stand out against inferior products.

Koala have proven to be a reliable supplier with great prices and they've really looked after me. I'll go back to them for more cable making supplies for sure!