CEntrance MicPort Pro 3 Portable Mic Preamp with Analog limiter + USB-C Audio Interface


For busy creatives who travel light, MicPort Pro is a portable USB mic preamp that makes it easy to record on-the-go, with professional quality. Ideal for speech and music recording, MicPort Pro can turn your phone into a recording or a live-streaming studio. Smaller than most mics, MicPort Pro is feature-rich, easy to use, and travel-friendly.

Now on its 3rd Generation, MicPort Pro features improved mic preamp with 65 dB of clean gain(great for SM7B, RE-20 and other dynamic mics), extra 6dB gain in the headphone amp (great for recording interviews on busy city streets), and USB-C jacks for modern compatibility and convenience.

A built-in, rechargeable battery sets MicPort Pro apart from other portable audio interfaces, making it your ideal companion for the road. Now you can record  directly to your phone or tablet and leave that laptop behind. The low-noise Jasmine™ mic preamp, zero latency blend control and a musical, soft-knee limiter combine to create a professional vocal processor, putting MicPort Pro in a class of its own.

Record, edit and share your work online. From anywhere. Other recording interfaces are either tied to the wall plug or go through batteries too quickly. MicPort Pro lasts the entire session on a full charge and works anywhere you go — perfect for podcasting, broadcasting, interviewing and streaming live from location.

If you are a voice-over actor, broadcaster or radio journalist, you already know the CEntrance MicPort Pro Classic. That breakthrough audio interface connected any professional mic to a computer for making professional recordings on the go. Endorsed by 100+ broadcasters, including Beau Weaver and Joe Cipriano, it formed a bridge between your laptop and your favorite professional mic, such as U87, TLM 103, and MKH-416. 

With the next generation MicPort Pro CEntrance raised the bar on portable recording. The new MicPort Pro has a built-in rechargeable battery and records to phones and tablets in addition to laptops and desktop computers. All units include a limiter. With a host of professional features, MicPort Pro is versatile, easy to use and travel-friendly.


Phantom power

48 V, 10 mA max

Mic Preamplifier Gain

+0 dB…+65 dB

Mic input impedance

1 kOhm

Line input impedance

10 kOhm

Hi-Z input impedance

1 MOhm

High Pass Filter

130 Hz, 6 dB/octave roll-off

Freq. Response

20 Hz…20 kHz ±0.5 dB


-127 dB



Output Impedance

1 Ohm (headphone output)

Headphone output power

400 mW (total) at 32 Ohm

Supported Headphones

16…600 Ohm


Resolution, USB

16-bit, 24-bit

Sample Rate, USB

44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.2 kHz, 192 kHz


Two custom, mil-spec clocks, 10 ppm precision, 1 ps jitter


iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Linux, PC. Driver is available for Windows

USB Input

USB-C, two jacks: One for USB audio connection to your phone/tablet/laptop, the other – for charging the internal battery.


Mic Preamps

Jasmine™ technology, dual-stage, discrete differential design

Headphone Amp

AmpExtreme™ technology with bipolar power supply

AC Adapter

Supports standard 5 Volt chargers / adapters with a USB “micro B” cable

DC Charging

+5 V from USB adapter, such as iPad charger. 2 A or more recommended

Analog Supplies

Battery-isolated, triple-filtered ±7 V analog power supply rails

Digital Supplies

Five independent, high-efficiency switch-mode power supplies

Chassis Material

Aircraft-grade aluminum, hard-anodized for scratch resistance, black

Rechargeable Battery

Li-Polymer, 6+ hours play/record time (varies with phantom-powered mics)

Unit Dimensions

121 mm (4.76″) (L), 45 mm (1.77″) (W), 36 mm (1.42″) (H)

Unit Weight

170 grams (6 ounces)

Box Dimensions

161 mm (6.33″) (L), 111 mm (4.37″) (W), 42 mm (1.65″) (H)

Box Weight

250 grams (8.8 ounces)

Included accessories

Quick Start Guide, Felt carry pouch, Cable for charging or USB audio


Specifications subject to change without notice as we continue to improve the product and production process


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Customer Reviews

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