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Centrance Mixerface R4D Mobile Audio Interface for Music/Video

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A unique combination of Mobile Mixer, Recorder, and USB Audio Interface, MixerFace features warm analog precision and a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours. This sets MixerFace apart from other recording interfaces and liberates it from the wall plug. Handheld and easy to use, MixerFace is great for jamming, streaming, gigging, video blogging, field recording and other mobile audio uses. Truly, an audio Swiss Army knife.

Famous Musicians use MixerFace to record album tracks. Top Voice-over actors use it to record on-air spots and promos. Radio journalists use it to broadcast. Houses of Worship use it to stream services on Facebook and Instagram. Podcasters use it to record all over the world. Try MixerFace for yourself today, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Made in USA
  •  Jasmine™ Mic Preamps
  •  High Pass Filter
  •  Stereo DI (Hi-Z input)
  •  USB blend knob
  •  Stereo AUX input
  •  Stereo LINE output
  •  Balanced outputs
  •  Loud headphone amp
  •  Portable Interface
  •  Rechargeable battery
  •  Micro SD Recorder
  •  XY Stereo Mics available (optional)

MixerFace records to the built-in SD card, your smartphone, or even both. Alternatively, you can stream live via the phone and record a backup copy onto the SD card. MixerFace turns your phone into a Recording Studio, letting you capture musical ideas, interviews, or live events anywhere. Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and PC, it’s lightweight and makes it easy to produce professional-quality audio on the go. Whether you record Music, Podcasts or DSLR Video this product is for you.


Catch the Inspiration

Capture that next big idea anywhere — at home, on the tour bus, in a hotel room, or live on stage. Rest assured, the preamps in the MixerFace will handle your delicate mics with elegance and grace. And the Hi-Z inputs let you record electric guitar and bass — anywhere inspiration strikes you. MixerFace is a great songwriting tool and idea pad!

Podcasts, Interviews, VO

MixerFace makes it easy to record podcasts, interviews or voice-overs in the studio and on the road. Make broadcast-quality recordings while you travel. MixerFace is your studio-to-go. All you need is your favorite mic (or two, if you are doing an interview) and your smartphone, to capture the recording. Leave that laptop behind and travel light!

Better Audio for Video

MixerFace mounts to a tripod and packs two studio mic preamps, letting you use professional mics with your video camera. Plug the line output right into your DSLR to dramatically improve the audio quality of your videos. And MixerFace R4D also has a built-in micro-SD card recorder, so you can record to both camera and micro SD card, for extra safety.

Reach More Subscribers

Your phone is an amazing podcasting machine, but its tiny microphone cannot capture the real sounds around you. This is where MixerFace comes in. It’s lightweight, portable and will go where you go. Most importantly, it can connect nice mics to your phone, so you can sound like a pro and get more likes from your channel’s subscribers!

Ultimate Field Recorder

MixerFace likes to be outside. We designed its hybrid power system to offer reliable service in the field. The case is made from tough, lightweight aluminum. Tactile analog controls make adjustments quick and easy. And MixerFace is compatible with our custom, precision-matched Stereo XY microphones, ideal for field recording!

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