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CME Pro H4MIDI WC USB Host MIDI Interface

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MIDI Router + Filter + Mapper & optional WIDI Bluetooth MIDI

Unleash Your MIDI Potential!

Advanced USB Host MIDI Interface

Say goodbye to MIDI connection headaches and hello to limitless possibilities!
The H4MIDI WC is your ticket to seamless USB MIDI integration like never before.


Future-proof 32-bit processor

High-precision transmission at four times the speed with groundbreaking accuracy.

High-speed optocoupler

Seamless synchronization of all MIDI devices with secure error-free MIDI data input.

Accurate transmission

100% exact transfer of all MIDI messages. Including clock, sysex, MTC and MPE.

2-in-2-out MIDI via 5-pin DIN

Connect MIDI devices via standard MIDI I/O. Enjoy advanced routing in standalone mode.

Expanded USB MIDI connectivity

USB-A with up to 8-in-8-out HOST ports.
USB-C with up to 4-in-4-out CLIENT ports.

Free HxMIDI Tools for full MIDI control

Configure MIDI splits, merges and advanced MIDI filtering + remapping via free software.

11 smart LED indicators

Clear indicators for each input and output, ensuring seamless connectivity at a glance.

Dual power option 

5v USB power bank for mobile application.
9v DC power supply for guitar pedals.

Perfect fit for pedalboards

Slim and lightweight design with reversible placement, perfect for tight spaces.

People-centric service

Lifetime updates with 24/7 online support and hassle free 1-to-1 warranty replacement.

o 5-pin DIN without computer

Seamlessly connect USB MIDI keyboards, controllers, and devices to traditional MIDI hardware without the need for a computer. Compatible with USB class-compliant MIDI instruments, including digital pianos, drum machines, portable keyboards, guitar pedals, EWIs, synthesizers, and more.

Simple mode


Up to 8-in-8-out HOST ports + 2-in-2-out MIDI I/O

Accommodate up to 8 USB MIDI devices via an optional USB hub, providing flexibility for complex setups.
Enjoy bidirectional MIDI communication via 5-pin DIN MIDI ports, perfect for interfacing with MIDI hardware.

Expand mode


Instantly add 4-in-4-out virtual MIDI ports via USB-C

Easily connect to your computer via USB-C, offering 4 inputs and 4 outputs of virtual MIDI ports. Compatible with leading operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and ChromeOS.

Advanced mode


Ultra-low Latency Premium Bluetooth MIDI via optional WIDI Core

Elevate your connectivity with optional BLE MIDI via WIDI Core. Enjoy ultra-low 3ms latency and smart connectivity for seamless wireless performance. Benefit from WIDI groups for wireless splitting (1-to-4) and merging (4-to-1).

Innovate mode


MIDI Routing + Filtering + Mapping

Configure via HxMIDI Tools software (Win/Mac/Android/iOS)

Master your MIDI setup with precision using the HxMIDI Tools software, available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Customize routing, apply intelligent MIDI filtering, and perform robust message remapping effortlessly.

MIDI Router

MIDI Router

Simply configure MIDI thru, MIDI merge and MIDI split setups via the free software.

MIDI Filter

MIDI Filter

Easily filter out any MIDI message from any MIDI channel on both inputs and outputs.

MIDI Mapper

Transforms your knobs, buttons, and sliders into expressive tools for complete control

4 Presets (Button + MIDI)

4 Presets (Button + MIDI)

Supports up to 4 presets, switch between configurations without a connected OS


Stay ahead of the curve with integration and customizable expansions, ensuring your setup evolves with your needs.

Innovative design and smart solutions tailored to community input

Dual Power Options

Power up on the go with a USB power bank. For guitar pedal enthusiasts, enjoy seamless integration with the dedicated DC power supply.

Guitar pedal ready

Guitar pedal ready

Ideal for cramped pedalboards, its slim design and reversible placement save space. Lightweight yet durable, it won't weigh down your setup.

TRS MIDI via 3.5 MIDI cables

TRS MIDI via 3.5 MIDI cables

Add versatility to your setup with optional low-profile 3.5mm TRS cables for tight spaces, expanding your connectivity options.

Bluetooth MIDI via WIDI Core

Bluetooth MIDI via WIDI Core

Enhance your setup with seamless WIDI Bluetooth MIDI via the WIDI Core expansion. Or by plugging in your WIDI Master or WIDI Jack.

Technical Specification

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


USB Host and client, both compliant with USB MIDI class (Plug and Play).


1x USB-A (Host), 1x USB-C (Client).
2x 5-pins MIDI DIN Inputs, 2x 5-pins MIDI DIN Outputs.
1x DC power socket (External 9V-1A DC adapter not included).


Optional WIDI Core - Premium Bluetooth MIDI

LED Indicators

11x LED lights (WIDI LED indicators will only light up when the WIDI Core expansion module is installed)


1x button for presets and other functions
1x button for optional WIDI Bluetooth MIDI

Compatible Devices

Class compliant USB MIDI client devices (support one external hub with up to 8 MIDI devices attached).
Computers and USB MIDI host devices.
Devices with standard MIDI sockets, including 5V and 3.3V compatibility.

Compatible OS

macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux and Chrome OS

MIDI messages

All messages in the MIDI standard, including notes, controllers, clocks, sysex, MIDI timecode, MPE

Wired transmission

Close to Zero Latency and Zero Jitter

Power Supply

USB-C Socket. Powered via Standard 5V USB bus or charger.
DC 9V-1A Socket, polarity is Positive outside and negative inside.
USB-A Socket provides power* to connected devices.
* Maximum output current is 1A.

Configuration & Firmware Upgrade

Configurable / Upgradable via USB-C port using HxMIDI Tool software (Win/Mac/iOS & Android tablets through USB cable)

Power Consumption

347 mW


140 mm (L) x 38 mm (W) x 33 mm (H)
5.51 in (L) x 1.50 in (W) x 1.30 in (H)


99 g/3.49 oz 

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