Hotone Binary IR Cabinet Simulator Effects Pedal

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Binary IR Cab – Impulse Response Cabinet Simulator Effects Pedal

Grown out of next-generation XTOMP technology, the Hotone Binary Series lets loose versatile pro-level effects in compact cases. Based on the same modeling/original effect library that amazed XTOMP users worldwide, Binary Series are dedicated to gather a bunch of high quality effects in a box with more affordable, competitive price. They feature compact casing, dual-footswitch design, versatile inputs/outputs and bright, clear OLED display, which blur the line between "classic pedals" and multi-effects.

At the core of all Binary Series pedals, a powerful dual-DSP platform and CDCM (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling) modeling system ensure a realistic playing experience. The CDCM system is built on an extremely complex dynamic variation matrix, able to realistically express every detailed change that occurs during the operational process of actual circuitry: Everything is ALIVE and performs like its original. 

The Hotone IR Cab is an impulse response-based cabinet simulator effects pedal that delivers 100 authentic legendary (vintage and modern) guitar and bass cab models. In addition, the IR Cab features CDCM-based legendary studio microphone and power amp models, as well as a variety of detailed mic position (X, Y, Z) and room simulations.


✪ Grown out of next-gen XTOMP technology
✪ Compact, easy-to-use dual footswitch IR cabinet simulator pedal
✪ Advanced CDCM modeling system ensures realistic playing experience
✪ Dual DSP-powered platform ensures high sound quality
✪ 24-bit A/D/A conversion, up to 110dB S/N ratio
✪ 100 legendary cab models
✪ 10 CDCM based legendary studio microphone simulations
✪ Detailed mic position (X, Y, Z) and room simulations
✪ 8 CDCM based power amp simulations with presence control
✪ Supports 3rd party IR files
✪ USB jack for firmware upgrading, loading/managing IRs with free PC/Mac software
✪ Aux in and headphone output for practicing and jamming
✪ 100 Presets
✪ Built-in OLED screen with clear display
✪ 5 transparent knobs with LEDs
✪ 9V DC power supply


Cab Models List (Please Check User Manual)

Microphone Models List*


No. Mic Type Based On Type
2 DY57 Shure® SM57 Dynamic
3 DY58 Shure® SM58 Dynamic
4 D421 Sennheiser® MD421 Dynamic
5 RE16 Electro-Voice® RE16 Dynamic
7 D112 AKG® D112 Dynamic
6 E609 Sennheiser® e609 Dynamic
8 B87A Shure® Beta 87A Condenser
9 U87 Neumann® U87 Condenser
10 R121 Royal® R121 Ribbon
11 U67 Neumann® U67 Condenser
12 INV Phase Invert N/A

*The Manufacturers and product names mentioned in the list above are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The trademarks were used merely to identify the sound character of the products. 

Effect Models List*


No. Power Amp Type Description
2 EL84S EL84 Single-Ended (SE)
3 EL84P EL84 Push-Pull (PP)
4 6L6P 6L6 Push-Pull (PP)
5 EL34P EL34 Push-Pull (PP)
6 KT88S KT88 Single-Ended (SE)
7 KT88P KT88 Push-Pull (PP)
8 EL34S EL34 Single-Ended (SE)
9 6L6S 6L6 Single-Ended (SE)

Binary Editor Software Notice
Usage Notice
1. If you find the Binary Editor doesn’t respond when you first launch the Binary Editor software, it may be because the Binary Editor is initializing (loading presets, user data, IR files, etc.). Please wait for a few seconds and try again.
2. Please launch the Binary Editor first before connecting your Binary pedal to your computer. If your device cannot be recognized, reconnect the power jack and try again.

Firmware Update Notice
To perform a manual update if your Binary pedal crashed:
1. Press and hold the left footswitch along with the "-" and "GLOBAL" buttons, then power Binary on.
2. Connect a USB cable to your computer and open the Binary software.
3. Select the firmware update option and follow the procedure for the newest update.
4. After the update is complete, select and run "Restore Factory Settings" from the software.
5. When complete, disconnect the cable and operate your Binary as normal.

Warning: Breaking the USB connection during the firmware update process may result in an operation crash.


Number of Patches


Number of Effects

100 cabs, 8 power amp types, 10 mic types 

Digital Processing

24-bit A/D/A conversion, 48 kHz sample rate

Supported IR file format

24-bit, 48kHz

Max Truncation Time


Frequency Response

20 Hz-20 kHz

S/N Ratio

Up to 110dB

Input Impedance

1M Ohms

Output Impedance

100 Ohms

Power Requirement

DC 9V, center negative

Current Consumption

200mA minimum


121mm (W) x 72mm (D) x 47mm (H)



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