Minimal Audio Fuse Compressor (Serial Nr + Download)

Designed to inspire fast workflows with precision sound, Fuse Compressor is a powerful tool that allows you to focus on creating your best work. Diverse preset library. Choose from 40+ versatile presets ranging from classic control to new over-the-top configurations.


Multi-band engine

Apply up to six bands of independent upward and downward compression.

Dynamic spectrum display

See exactly how you're compressing across the spectrum with our dynamic response curve.

Spectral tilt

Quickly adjust the internal multi-band dynamics to increase or decrease the distribution of compression across low to high frequencies.

Adaptive time

Automatically adjust the attack and release times for each frequency band to create cleaner or more exaggerated compression characters.

Macro controls

Use multi-band compression like a standard compressor by adjusting all per-band thresholds or ratios simultaneously.

Per-band settings

Set per-band thresholds, ratios, makeup gain, bypass, and solo individually for total flexibility.

Mid-side and stereo control

Combine stereo and mid-side modes, and use variable channel linking to control your stereo image.

Inspiring presets

Access expertly designed presets that cover a variety of use cases, from transparent mixing to over-the-top character compression.

In-App Tooltips

Become an expert with built-in tooltips that make learning Fuse Compressor a breeze.

Dual Compression

Powerful dynamics shaping. Use up to six bands of dual compression. Create effects that range from transparent glue to hyper-detailed enhancement and much more.


All about the workflow. Multi-band compression can be tricky. Features like macro ratio control, spectral tilt, and adaptive time make it easy. Create music without getting lost in technical details.


Precision when you need it. Mid-side processing, soft knee, channel linking, and individual band controls allow you to quickly dial in your settings as needed.

Diverse preset library. Choose from 40+ versatile presets ranging from classic control to new over-the-top configurations.

System Requirements


64 bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX

Works on:

macOS 10.9 or higher
Windows 10 or higher


An internet connection is required for activation.

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