Minimal Audio Swarm Reverb Plug-In (Serial Nr + Download)

Creative Dual-Stage Reverberator

Swarm Reverb offers a flexible and fun approach to reverb that is perfect for crafting expansive ambience, pumping spaces, and lush creative effects.


Early & Late Reflection Algorithms

Balance between two distinct early and late reflection algorithms.

Precision Display

See exactly how the algorithms taps are reacting to your parameter settings.

Attack Control

Change the onset character of the reverb through a dedicated attack control.

Synced & Feedback Pre Delay

Enjoy precision pre-delay and creative effects with sync & feedback options.

Input Filters & Diffusion

Create lush, thin, warm, or digital spaces through dedication diffusion settings.

Integrated Ducking

Enjoy clean mixes and ditch the automation with an integrated ducker.

Realtime Modulation

Modulate everything in realtime. Enjoy the ability to change you space or modulation on the fly with no artifacts.

Soft-Clip Limiter

Two flavors of soft-clip limiting are included to keep levels in check or add some saturation when needed.

In-App Tooltips

Become an expert with built-in tooltips that make learning Hybrid Filter a breeze.

Deep Space

Dial in your sound. Distinct early and late reflection algorithms with hands-on controls make Swarm Reverb capable of generating spaces from room ambiance to endless spatial decays.

Mix Ready

Everything you need. Built-in ducking, tempo-synced pre-delay, stereo width control, and separate input and diffusion filtering ensure that each space fits seamlessly into your track.

Creative Effects

Explore and discover. Features such as pre-delay feedback and real-time adjustable size enable you to push reverb to its limits and make Swarm Reverb a powerful sound design tool.

System Requirements


64 bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX

Works on:

macOS 10.9 or higher
Windows 10 or higher


An internet connection is required for activation.

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