DJ.Studio Studio DAW for DJ Mixing (Serial Nr + Download)

 DJ.Studio Studio

DAW for DJ Mixing

Prepare DJ sets, create radio shows, and make video mixes with unparalleled speed and accuracy - all from your laptop, with no hardware required.

Effortlessly craft precise, seamless transitions using our unique timeline-based suite of DJ tools, used and loved by over 200,000 DJs.

Whether you're a bedroom DJ or a headliner on the biggest stages, DJ.Studio provides the features you need to maximize your creativity and productivity.

Until now, producing finished DJ mixes required a DJ controller and live mixing, meaning a one-hour mix took one hour of recording time – assuming no mistakes. Alternatively, you could use a music production DAW, but these have a steep learning curve and are designed for producing music, not for DJ mixing.

This is where DJ.Studio comes in - a DAW for DJs, bridging the gap between traditional DJ mixing and desktop-based studio software. From music discovery, to mix editing and flexible exporting, DJ.Studio provides all the tools you need to make full, professional-sounding DJ mixes from start to finish…

Super fast DJ Mixing with zero live fails

DJ.Studio Studio-Edition: Features

DJ.Studio ‘Studio’ is the entry-level edition, perfect for music lovers and new DJs. Instantly create seamlessly mixed playlists for parties, workouts, and journeys - without any technical skills.

Create Your Playlist

Create playlists for your mixes by importing music from a range of sources. Connect your local music libraries, including iTunes, rekordbox, Serato, VirtualDJ, Mixed In Key, Engine DJ, and Traktor, or simply browse your local files using MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and more.

You can even create mixes with online streaming files from Beatport or Beatsource, and purchase the tracks when you want to export your mix, allowing you to try out different songs before committing to buy them.

AI-Powered Automix Assistant

Automix takes your playlist to the next level using millions of calculations to perfectly order your tracks by tempo and key. Using Harmonic Mixing, Automix ensures musically cohesive transitions, avoiding awkward clashing keys.

Customize your mix by selecting the starting and ending tracks, and set your preferences for transition length, presets, and mix-in points. Automix also automatically beat-syncs tracks with different tempos, giving you a flawless DJ mix with a consistent groove.

Refine Your Transitions

In the Carousel or Studio timeline editor, you can fine-tune every transition. Select the perfect mix-in and mix-out points, and explore our range of prepared transition presets, complete with curves and styles for volume, equalizer, and effects. Adjust each transition until it sounds perfect, then move on to the next.

Manual Automation Editor

The manual automation editor gives you control over any parameter through the flexible timeline system. Stack effects, EQ, volume, and other automation controls simultaneously, enabling you to create mixes and transitions that go beyond what two hands and decks can achieve - giving you the mixing prowess of an octopus.

This gives endless depth to your expression, so you can create mixes that truly display your style and creativity as a DJ.

Edit Your Tracks

Imprint your signature sound by editing tracks to your liking. Cut out sections, duplicate parts, or move segments to different spots within the track, creating a unique and customized mix.

Audio-Reactive Visuals for Video Export

Transform your DJ mixes with our video engine, adding audio-reactive visuals for an immersive experience. Customize your mixes with animations, transitions, album art, text, and effects. Choose from 100 reactive animations and over 30,000 3D Shadertoy graphics to create stunning, personalized videos.

Enhance the engagement and excitement of your mixes using this intuitive suite of visual design tools, and upload your video mixes to YouTube to turn them into powerful promotional tools.

Share Your DJ Mixes With The World!

Export your mix as an MP3 file directly to your hard drive, or create a low-quality video file with chapter information for easy YouTube uploads. Additionally, you can export your playlist as an M3U file for live performances, ready to be imported into your live software. For rekordbox users, export your DJ set complete with Cue points for a prepared performance.

Studio View

  • Change and automate BPM
  • Edit your transitions
  • Use default transition presets
  • Create video visuals


  • MP3 files
  • Low-quality Video files
  • DJ Set (M3U)
  • Mixcloud Upload
  • Re-pitch audio

Supported Libraries

  • Local file downloads
  • rekordbox
  • Mixed in Key
  • Serato
  • Engine DJ
  • Virtual DJ
  • Apple Music
  • Traktor Pro
  • iTunes



  • Supported file types for import WAV/AIFF/AIF/M4A/FLAC
  • Work offline
  • AI-Automix Assistant
  • Intuitive mix editor
  • Drag and drop track import and editor

Tech Specs



OS X Big Sur 11 or higher

Memory: 8 GB

Disk: 4 GB

CPU: Core processor Intel newer than 2017 or Silicon



Windows Windows 10 or higher

Memory: 8 GB

Disk: 4 GB

CPU: Core processor Intel or AMD newer than 2017

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