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From concert halls to classrooms, more composers, arrangers, and educators use Sibelius than any other music notation software. Discover the easiest way to write and share music with the world bets selling notation tool

Introducing Sibelius for mobile

From couch to coffeeshop, work on scores anywhere with your favorite Sibelius tools at your fingertips—literally. With the new mobile version of Sibelius, you can seamlessly move between desktop, iPad, and iPhone.

Also new...

Sibelius Ultimate is now available in new team plans, making it easy to manage, deploy, and add multiple licenses as needed.

Plus, you can now set individual staff names on staves within groups of instruments, experience better workflows when using MIDI keyboards, and compose more easily with new features and enhancements in Sibelius 2022.9.


Write music with ease

  • Sibelius makes music composition easy, giving you the flexibility to work anywhere using your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Whether you prefer to enter notes from the onscreen notation Keypad, a MIDI keyboard, your computer keyboard, or using an Apple Pencil, Sibelius takes care of all note layout, orientation, and rest details for you.

Build up compositions

  • Create music for everything from piano to orchestra, with multiple instrument parts. And not just with notes and rests—you can add chord symbols, guitar tab, guitar chord diagrams, expression text, articulations, lyrics, titles, graphics, and more to give your music the detail, depth, and dynamism it deserves. You can even loop playback to improvise ideas.

Hear your music in stunning detail

  • Sibelius includes a high-quality sample library filled with a variety of musical instrumentation, so you can hear what your music will sound like when performed by real musicians. You can also plug in third-party sound libraries, such as NotePerformer, giving you more flexibility with the instrumentation you hear.


Arrange parts fast

  • The Arrange feature makes it easy to orchestrate additional instrument parts from existing ones. Simply select an orchestration style and Sibelius automatically creates new parts based on your sources. You can also “explode” chords across different parts, speeding up multipart instrumentation. Or consolidate multiple parts into one with a click.

Get Intelligent Import

  • With a single click, you can import a MIDI, MusicXML, or Sibelius file into a new or existing score. All notation, instrumentation, techniques, and articulations are automatically assigned, preserving the composer’s intent and saving you hours—if not days—of clean-up time. You can even combine several scores together, with control over what’s imported.

Perfect and review scores

  • Sibelius takes the manual effort out of adapting instrumentation, transposing parts, and adding slurs, so you can work faster. And when your score is ready, Review mode lets you lock things down, enabling collaborators to freely view your score and add comments and annotations without fear of accidentally changing anything.

Engrave + Copy

Create parts dynamically

  • Sibelius can create individual instrument parts when you create your score and will automatically update them accordingly whenever you make changes to the score. For copyists, this eliminates the need to extract parts or make destructive changes when prepping sheet music for different parts. Plus, parts can be changed without affecting the full score.

Engrave intelligently

  • Create beautiful professional scores quickly with advanced notation tools and multi-edit capabilities. Add slurs, hairpins, ties, or other staff lines across multiple instruments, and make edits to barlines, expression and technique text, and lyrics all in one action. Sibelius intelligently spaces notes and elements, keeping everything in perfect alignment.

Fly through complex tasks

  • Thanks to the Sibelius user community, you can supercharge your software with more capabilities through free plugins. With over 140 included (and hundreds more available), these plugins can help you with complex engraving, notating, layout, processing, text, and other tasks. Check out the Install Plugins dialog in Sibelius to find what you need.


Share scores in the cloud

  • With Sibelius Cloud Sharing, you can present your scores online, enabling anyone, anywhere, to view, download, and play your compositions using any device. Invite others to review your work privately on your personal cloud space (1 GB included), or post scores to your website and social media for the world to hear. All you need is Sibelius and an Internet connection.

Collaborate easily

  • Because any score you share in the cloud can be viewed and played in any web browser—without requiring Sibelius—it’s the ultimate tool to send scores out for review, performance prep, and proofreading. Viewers can flip pages, jump to parts, and hear compositions with full high-quality instrumentation.

Get more ways to share

  • Save scores to iCloud, Dropbox, or other iOS-supported cloud service, and you and other collaborators can access the files from anywhere using a laptop, iPad, or iPhone. And because you’re all always in Sibelius whether on desktop or mobile, you can seamlessly move between both worlds without ever having to import or export files.


Teach music composition

  • Sibelius Ultimate is ideal for teaching music notation, composition, and theory to students of all ages. It offers ready-made teaching materials, Classroom Control to track student progress, plus optional network licensing, making it easy to assign licenses to students on any computer.

Save time on lesson prep

  • If you teach music, you know how long it can take to produce quality curriculum materials. That’s why we developed the unique Worksheet Creator in collaboration with music educators, providing over 1,700 worksheets, projects, exercises, songs, and other teaching resources.

Get student/teacher pricing

  • If you're a qualified student or educator, you can get a special deep discount on a Sibelius Ultimate for Education subscription, starting at just $9.99 USD/month—see if you’re eligible. It’s the smartest, easiest way for educators and students to teach and learn the art of music notation.


Prep scores for publishing

  • With a full suite of desktop publishing tools and the Inspector, you can control and finesse every element in your score to perfection. Fine-tune dynamics and other text with tracking, leading, scaling, and alignment tools. Use hierarchical styles to change fonts. Add graphics. Even create your own house styles and manuscript papers to make your scores unique.

Publish your music

  • You can share your compositions with the world in a variety of ways. Publish scores directly to Score Exchange to sell your sheet music to the masses. Export scores as PDFs for distribution through a variety of music publishers. You can even export an audio version of your work for distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

Increase sheet music sales

  • For music publishers, Sibelius Cloud Publishing enhances the online sheet music shopping experience with interactive scores, leading to higher sales and satisfaction. Shoppers can preview, play, change instruments, and transpose scores before buying to ensure it meets their needs. Once purchased, they’ll get a high-quality version that’s fit for print.

What's new

With the 2023.6 release, Sibelius introduces a groundbreaking new AI-powered feature that makes it quicker and easier than ever to compose and input chords into your score. This release also includes improvements to the ManuScript plugin, Score Subsets, and respacing.



  • Ideal for composing, arranging, and publishing scores and parts of any size and complexity; creating notation worksheets and exercises for education
  • Desktop: Subscribe monthly or annually, purchase and own a perpetual license (educational discount available), trade-up from other notation software, get network licensing, or easily manage multiple licenses and users with Sibelius Ultimate for teams
  • Mobile: Included with desktop version or subscribe monthly to just the app
  • Desktop: Access all new releases and Standard support through a subscription or renewable 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan (included with new perpetual licenses)
  • Mobile: Download the latest update as it becomes available
  • 36 GB Included sampled sounds for Desktop
  • 900 MB Included sampled sounds for Mobile
  • Note values: 512th note (7 beams) to “long” (double breve)
  • Desktop: Full range of bar formats, customizable beam/rest groupings, customizable brackets and braces, fully customizable chord symbols, full guitar tab
  • Mobile: Basic guitar tab
  • Lines gallery (trills, slurs, hairpins, etc.)
  • 4 voices per staff
  • Customizable Desktop Keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed Mobile Keyboard shortcuts
  • Over 140 included Desktop Plugins

Tech Specs



OS X macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.0, 12

Memory: 1 GB

Disk: 1 GB



Windows Windows 10, Windows 11

Memory: 1 GB

Disk: 1 GB

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