SOHO Audio Link - Dual Jack Student Headphones

Music education or computer learning, share audio together with no adaptors needed.

YES, both plugs on 1 cable!
Are you tired of losing jack plug adaptors? Or possibly fed up of seeing students use them as missiles? Soho Audio link gives you both 1/4" and 3.5mm Jack inputs as standard HARD WIRED.


Headset, virtually unbreakable

  • 9 size adjustment settings
  • 90 rotating ear-cups
  • Soft foam ear-cushions
  • Soft foam headband
  • Outrageously strong polypropylene housing


Link Unit
Soho Link allows a second audio output for every set of headphones.

Let 2 students pair up when working on a laptop, or let the teacher plug in to the students Link Aux to join their project.

You can link multiple headsets together to create an even larger private audio group.

Keyboards? Of course!
6.35mm (1/4") Jack plug as part of the Soho Audio Link headphones mean no more adapters. It also means you can share what you are playing on the keyboard with anyone else who has a set of headphones with a 3.5mm jack.
Music teachers can simply plug in and listen.


Laptops? No problem
Need to pair up with a colleague or listen alongside a student? Maybe you want students to work in groups of 5 around 1 laptop? Well now you can without disturbing the environment around you.


Link Unit cont...

  • Strong molded structure
  • Both 3.5mm and 6.35mm (1/4’’) Jack plugs
  • 3.5mm Jack Socket (audio out)
  • Hardwired to headset

Comfort is a must
On ear, cushioned earcups and cushioned head band means if the lesson is hours long, the headphones stay on!

9 point size adjustment also means you get the fit your head needs, small or large no problem!

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