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Universal Electronics One for All TV Wall Mount FLUX 32-84", 30kg, 70mm to wall 15 Deg Tilt / 180 Deg Turn

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LEFT / RIGHT: 180°
UP / DOWN: 15°

FLUX suitable for TV sizes from 32-84 inch, offering 180° turn and 15° tilt adjustment.

Create the ideal viewing position
Thanks to its unique design, FLUX allows full left and right movement. Ideal for mounting your TV in a corner or to watch TV from an adjoining room.

Innovation at your finger tips
The gas spring provides a smooth guided movement from and towards the wall, adjusting your TV’s position was never so comfortable! A truly unique feature only available in FLUX.

Get the FLUX feeling
Experience FLUX with its one of a kind design, smart engineering features and high quality materials.

720 mm
The dual arm construction allows a uniquely high maximum wall distance of 72cm. The minimum wall distance of 7cm is just as impressive. Total freedom in positioning your TV!

Ultra Slim Flux
Bracket techology at its best
Smart engineering features, modern design and one-of-a-kind bracket technology make FLUX the best Wall mount available on the market

Gas Spring
Its one-of-a-kind gas spring allows FLUX to move with ease, no other Tv bracket out there offers such a smooth motion when adjusting the position of your TV

Magnetic Zero Position
Functional performance at all times thanks to the magnetic zero position that locks the TV bracket into a flat position disabling the tilt feature.

Easy levelling after installation
With FLUX you will always be sure your TV is straight, as the level of this bracket can be easily adjusted after installation.

FLUX has it all covered!
FLUX not only brings technology and innovation, it also comes with a bumper protection system designed to ensure your TV won’t hit the wall or the arms of the wall mount.

Adjust it to your needs
The Magnetic lock integrated in the design, gives you the possibility to bring FLUX to a default position closest to the wall.

Useful Specifications to know about FLUX

Suitable for TV screens of any brand with a screen size in the range 32 - 84 inches (81 - 213 cm).

Maximum TV weight for this bracket is 30kg.

VESA sizes for this TV Wall Bracket are:
200 x 200, 300 x 300, 400 x 400 and 600 x 400


Product code WM 6681
Screen size 32-84"/ 81-213cm
Max weight 30 kg
VESA 200x200 Yes
VESA 300x300 Yes
VESA 400x400 Yes
VESA 600x400 Yes
Cable Management Yes
Screen Lock Yes
Wall distance D min (mm) 70
Wall distance D max (mm) 720
Tilt (degrees) 15º
Turn (degrees) 180º
Mounting materials included Yes
fischer wall plugs included N/A

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