Wavebone HEADQUARTER™ K Ergonomic Studio Workstation

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After continuous research and study with music industry professionals. Headquarter™ incorporates knowledge from ergonomics, acoustics and recording engineering to make studios a better place for musicians.

Large Desk Space

The angled rack shelf is able to help you maintain a perfect audio and ergonomic environment.

The large 150 x 80 cm desk workspace allows Headquarter™ to cover everything you need, interfaces, hard drives, laptops, literally everything.

The addtional keyborad shelf is available for 88 keys.

Spacious Working Space

Featuring spacious 9U rack space, either traditional interface or Fredenstein Bento 500 series are all available. The empty space can also be placed with modualized removable table board for other uses like storage. Headquarter™ is namely a versatile collaborators for musicians.


Width(W) : 158.7 cm

Keyboard stand Width(KW) : 135 cm

Height(H) : 75 cm

Shelf Height(SH) : 15.6 cm

Deep(D) : 80 cm

Shelf Deep(SD):34 cm

Spacing(S) : 16 cm