Zaor ISO Stand MkIII 600 Premium Studio Monitor Stand (SINGLE)

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Perfect position, perfect height, perfect isolation – the ISO Stand MkIII is our flagship speaker stand model. Featuring IsoAcoustics technology, it elevates your speakers both physically and in terms of sound quality


  • Height adjustable design speaker stand with an advanced isolation system

  • Height adjustable in 12 positions

  • Safety mechanism to secure a position in place and stabilize the stand

  • Extra-wide top plate (575 mm) for prof speakers up to 40 kg in sideways position

Your speakers are your gateway into the realm of sound. You can only hear what the speakers can reproduce, and their performance hinges on their placement in the room. The ISO Stand MkIII makes sure to get the most out of the speakers of your choice by enabling you to freely place them in the perfect spots and at the exact right height – and by isolating the speakers with patented IsoAcoustics mechanics. Integrated into the speaker shelf are four isolators that employ the technology IsoAcoustics also uses in its ISO-PUCK series. These isolators de-couple the speakers from the surface, minimizing the transmission of vibrations to suppress phase interference and comb filter effects. The IsoAcoustics method also resists lateral movement, improving bass response and overall clarity and precision of the playback. The height of the ISO Stand MkIII can be adjusted in twelve positions. Once the appropriate height is set, a specially designed safety mechanism secures the position, locking it firmly into place.