MAAT Labs is a manufacturer of exceptional fidelity audio solutions that redefine production tools for professionals worldwide.

MAAT aims to reshape and reinvent audio mastering. 

Once upon a time, a well respected mastering engineer had some sensible but unorthodox notions, and colleagues crazy enough to throw in with him…Thus was born the Pleasurize Music Foundation. Later in his career, that same guy decided to lift up the music community further by establishing the Mastering Academy. Those two enterprises formed the roots of MAAT; a dedication to quality, a desire to do good and a need to provide better sounding, easier to use tools and simpler workflows.

At MAAT we are real audio engineers, accomplished experts and digitally native problem solvers with well over 100 years of real world experience between the three of us. Our street cred is moderately huge already, and we have a broad range of gear available now and in the works, with unique approaches to metering, EQ and dynamics plus specialized utilities. We even have plans for some stuff you haven’t thought of yet! As a multi–national group of grizzled Yodas and kick ass Young Lions who share a need to further fidelity, our goal is to help your product sound better while making your studio a more pleasant workplace.