Radial Engineering

Radial Engineering is a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment and products for the music industry. Radial Engineering is known for several things, including:

  1. Direct Boxes: Radial Engineering is particularly well known for their direct boxes (DIs), which are used to convert high-impedance instrument signals into balanced, low-impedance signals that can be transmitted over long distances without signal degradation.

  2. Signal Processing: Radial Engineering also produces a range of signal processing products, including equalizers, compressors, and re-amping devices, which are used to shape and enhance the sound of audio signals.

  3. Guitar and Bass Pedals: Radial Engineering produces a line of high-quality guitar and bass pedals, including distortion, overdrive, and boost pedals, which are designed to provide musicians with a range of tonal options.

  4. Audio Switching: Radial Engineering produces a range of audio switchers, which are used to route and switch between multiple audio signals, such as different instruments or microphones.

  5. Build Quality: Radial Engineering products are known for their high build quality and ruggedness, with many products designed for use in demanding live performance and touring environments.

Overall, Radial Engineering is known for producing high-quality audio products that are designed to meet the needs of professional musicians and audio engineers.