Rob Papen BIT 2.0 (Serial Nr + Download)

 BIT stands for Back In Time… and now we move to time travel level 2!

Instead of combining the best of analogue modeling with hybrid synthesis in which you can see with the other Rob Papen synthesizers, BIT-2’s main focus is on analogue Modelled Synthesis.

The idea behind BIT-2 is that the classic analogue type of synthesis has its own charm and simply has not yet been covered in this form by the Rob Papen brand. 
Although BIT-2 has no patch cables, it is modular by all means! The Modulation Matrix is used for the patching, however also included is the smart ‘advanced’ panel below the Oscillators. With these advanced features (accessed by switching the ADV switch), you can quickly make several connections such as LFO and Envelope to the Oscillator parameters. 

New additions to BIT-2 can be found in its Oscillators. Here you will find SuperSaw and SuperSquare waves, which are multiple Oscillators generated inside Oscillator 1 and/or 2. They give even more flexibility in creating sounds.
Kept from the previous version is the option to modulate Oscillator 2 by Oscillator 1 in several ways which expands the sound palette massively with Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, and Ring Modulation! 

The two top-notch analogue modeled Filters are expanded in BIT-2 with new modes further enhancing its capabilities for sound shaping.

New inside BIT-2’s arpeggiator/sequencer is the option to dynamically change the start step and end step number, resulting in interesting real-time changing patterns! Another newly added feature is the ‘Magic’ parameter that allows you to alter the played arpeggiator/sequencer in a musical manner. The arpeggiator/sequencer can also work as a modulator and includes an additional free row that you can use to modulate other parts of BIT-2 by using the Modulation Matrix.

The AMP section of BIT-2 has been expanded with multiple distortion options and all are at a per ‘voice’ level, avoiding ugly sounds if you play chords. 
An addition of a ‘Ribbon Controller’ found in the lowest section of BIT-2’s GUI allows you to change multiple parameters in a dynamic way using your mouse or an external MIDI controller.

Finally, the finishing touch for BIT-2 is of course the FX section. Some superb-sounding FX have been added and improved. Our top-notch Reverb is also included inside BIT-2 which means you won’t have to go outboard for adding reverb.
As mentioned earlier BIT stands for ‘Back In Time’ however it can also mean ‘Be Inspired Today’ whilst using our Analogue Modelled Synthesizer V2!


  • 16voice virtual analog synthesizer
  • Over 1600 top-quality presets
  • 2 Oscillators with a dedicated advance panel offering an LFO and Envelope for modulating different parts of the Oscillator
  • Classic waveforms in each oscillator included 'Tuned Noise'
  • Super Saw 1/2/3 and Super Square 1/2/3 waveforms (generating a 3-oscillator sound within one oscillator)
  • 2nd Oscillator has Sub-Oscillator with Sinus, Square, and Saw waveform
  • Oscillator-2 can be modulated by Oscillator-1 in FM, PM, or RING mode.
  • Oscillator-2 can Sync to Oscillator-1
  • Oscillators have a 'wave feedback' feature
  • Dedicated Noise Oscillator with White and Pink Noise
  • 2 analog modeled Filters with 38 different character Filter types and modes
  • Filter Routing options: serial, split-oscillator, split-noise
  • Dedicated Filter Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Fade, and Release.
  • Filter Envelopes with Tempo Bases Sync option and inverted mode
  • AMP with velocity control and Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release
  • AMP distortions on voice level with 11 distortion types
  • ARP/SEQ with 16 steps and many different modes and detailed features and options
  • ARP/SEQ with automatable loop-start and steps number feature
  • ARP/SEQ with magic mode for adding intelligent variations
  • PLAY MODE with Poly, Poly MPE. Mono, and Legato modes including many different Unison modes
  • Ribbon Controller with tempo-base spring back feature, quantized spring back, and unipolar or bipolar mode. 
  • Chorus FX
  • Flanger or Phaser FX
  • Stereo Delay and HQ Reverb (serial)
  • Bank manager
  • 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200% size options


  • PC: 64-bit VST3, AAX, & VST for Windows 7 or higher.
    (Note: PC AAX for PT 12 or higher)
  • Mac: 64-bit AU, VST3, AAX & VST, for OS-10.13 or higher.
    M1/M2 ARM processor compatible.
  • Serial/license system with activation while registering the product
    The activation system is offline, meaning there is no direct connection between the plugin and the homepage.
  • The software can be installed on 2 of your computer systems.
  • Compatible with NI NKS system

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