Zaor MAESTRO 36+18

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The Maestro user is putting final touches to the sound of mixes, masters, edits so listening is at the heart of the Maestro desk design. An extra low profile allows for the desk to be the least in the way of the sound reproduction, the back has VMT absorption panels by Vicoustic to minimise chaotic reflections and resonances and the work surface is made from AERstop, an acoustic material that minimises reflections and doubles as mouse pad. A small armrest warrants smooth typing and low wrist stress. The complete desk is more air than structure, so that sound is not boxed in, air can flow freely and keep working temperatures at optimal levels.

A dual cable path (audio/power) separates signals from power leads and thus minimises hum and other inductive noise. Chrome bars with pre-fitted Velcro strips allow for fast and clean (re-) cabling. 36 rack units - all the essential tools within easy reach and on the minimal footprint allow for a perfect workflow. Extra 18 RU can be installed below the desk, where visual contact is less important. The bottom can also be open to allow to stretch legs once in a while. Behind the rack units, a flat plane, lowered as to not impede sound travel, can carry screen(s) just at eye level, near fields for cross check sitting on optional isolators to avoid sound transmission through the desk, which would lead to smear in the lower frequencies.

Nothing superfluous, nothing amiss! Ergonomics and acoustics integrated