Wavebone HEADQUARTER™ Ergonomic Studio Workstation

After extensive research and studies with music industry professionals, the Wavebone Headquarter™ Studio Desk incorporates knowledge from ergonomics, acoustics and recording engineering to make studios a better place for musicians.

Large Desk Space

The angled rack shelf is able to help you maintain a perfect audio and ergonomic environment.

The large 150 x 80 cm desk workspace allows  theHeadquarter™ desk to cover everything you need, interfaces, hard drives, laptops, literally everything.

Spacious Working Space

Featuring spacious 9U rack spaces, you can mount traditional rack gear or 500 series racks. The empty space can also be filled with the modular removable table boards to create additional storage space if you don't have any rack gear


Width(W) : 158.7 cm

Height(H) : 75 cm

Shelf Height(SH) : 15.6 cm

Desk Depth(D) : 80 cm

Shelf Depth(SD):34 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tim Bowles
A very happy customer

I purchased my Wavebone Headquarter workstation as an administration desk for my new shop area. Already I am very impressed by the looks and functionality of it as well as how solid it is. The guys at Koala Audio were great to deal with.

Danny Pejic
Great quality desk

Great quality made desk which is very sturdy. Just a little bit too high at around 75cm for my liking but I couldn't find any other reasonably priced desks like this that were lower. And I'm not short. I think it's to allow for the pull out keyboard stand which I didn't get. Otherwise would have given it 5 stars.

Sue Dutton

Wavebone HEADQUARTER™ Ergonomic Studio Workstation


Sturdy, functional and looks great in the new studio!

Anthony Burt
Solid and super quick to assemble.

I think this desk is awesome for a home studio, has a heap of space for rack gear and it provides a few options for keeping other music stuff close at hand. The only problem I have is that I didn't buy one earlier. Great.