Zaor Vision K Keyboard Trolley

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The Zaor VISION K is an optional keyboard trolley that slides underneath and matches the slick modern style of the VISION W or O. Since it is almost impossible to predict the exact combination of body height, keyboard height and other gear, we made the key trolley height adjustable in 4 levels, so it always has the ideal compromise between legroom and best fit for any kind of master keyboard up to 88 keys or small mixer/controller and more. With a width 1469mm and a depth of 402mm it accepts 98% of the keyboards on the market.

The VISION K offers legroom from 580 to 630 mm which results in a height for the keyboard between 152 to 104 mm. When you have a longer period where you don’t need the keyboard you can put it on the side using the 4 wheels and enjoy loads of legroom. You can also slide it under any other desk or use it as a standalone key trolley for your big master keyboard.