Synchro Arts releases VocAlign Standard 6 and VocAlign Pro 6

Synchro Arts, the Emmy® and Academy award-winning developer known for innovative audio processing technologies, recently announces the groundbreaking update to its VocAlign product line. Introducing VocAlign Standard and VocALign Pro – superseding VocAlign Project and VocAlign Ultra – these versions bring a suite of enhancements that redefine the workflow for audio professionals and music creators, including ARA compatibility with Pro Tools (in a future update).

VocAlign has once again raised the bar in vocal production with its latest enhancements, setting a new standard for speed and accuracy in alignment technology. Audio professionals now have access to unparalleled tools that empower them to achieve pristine vocal synchronicity with ease.

How vocals come together

VocAlign introduces its most significant upgrade yet, setting a new standard in vocal alignment technology. The launch of VocAlign Standard and VocALign Pro brings a comprehensive suite of advancements tailored to transform vocal production. These editions enhance every facet of vocal processing, from intuitive time alignment to sophisticated pitch matching, wrapped in a user-friendly interface.

Featuring innovative functionalities like SmartPitch and Process Groups, VocAlign understands the nuances of synchronising backing vocals not just for timing but pitch—offering a transformative solution for managing complex vocal arrangements.

Synchro Arts is also thrilled to bring Pro Tools ARA compatibility to VocAlign in a future release of Pro Tools, significantly improving the efficiency for Pro Tools users. With these capabilities, VocAlign commits to dramatically saving time and enhancing the creative freedom of audio professionals, streamlining intricate production workflows like never before.

Feature highlights in VocAlign 6:

  • Process Groups: instantly adjust alignment settings across all your layered vocals [VocALign Pro]
  • SmartPitch: advanced pitch-matching technology that intelligently aligns vocals [VocALign Pro]
  • Improved Sync Points: enhanced algorithm for better processing accuracy [VocALign Pro]
  • New & improved user experience: the updated VocAlign user interface features a new ‘dark theme’ and improved scrolling and zooming functionality with collapsable feature panels
  • Pro Tools ARA compatibility: seamless integration with Pro Tools for a lightning-fast workflow (coming soon)
  • Arm Capture All: improved functionality for real-time DAW users for capturing all tracks in a session with a single click
  • Undo/Redo: dialling in the perfect processing has never been easier

What sets VocAlign apart?

With innovative features like SmartPitch and improved DAW integration with Pro Tools ARA compatibility, VocAlign offers a level of precision and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry. SmartPitch allows users to fine-tune vocal pitch with incredible accuracy, ensuring a flawless end result every time.

How does VocAlign enhance workflow?

By seamlessly integrating with Pro Tools ARA, VocAlign streamlines the workflow for audio professionals, saving valuable time and effort. The newly designed intuitive interface makes navigation a breeze, allowing users to focus on the creative process without any distractions.

Why choose VocAlign for vocal production?

When it comes to vocal alignment technology, VocAlign stands out as the top choice for audio professionals who demand the best. The combination of speed, accuracy, and user-friendly features makes VocAlign the go-to tool for achieving perfect vocal synchronicity in any project.

Experience the power of VocAlign's latest enhancements and take your vocal production to the next level. With its cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, VocAlign is the ultimate solution for audio professionals who strive for perfection in every project.